Machinery Coming In Daily 

Loading & Collection

Collection between

8.30 am - 5.00pm Monday / Friday 

8.30 am - 1pm Saturday 

loading no problem, artic trucks welcome and forklift available 

Payment & VAT

Export Rules, We Don't Bend Them For Anyone 

To buy an machine from our export page you must either be a Trader or an Exporter.


Must have a website, vat number , company number and a business address 


Must have a address in another country and provide information listed below

if you live in the UK and want a cheap mower this is not the page for you! 

All machinery is sold PLUS VAT unless you can provide the details below. 

You can be zero rated if you meet the following criteria,

  • Valid Vat Number, this will be checked!

  • All new customers will pay VAT and this will be refunded once we have a signed and stamped CMR also a copy of your shipping invoice 

  • A CMR must be provided on collection, we will copy this and then we must receive a copy of this with the good received box stamped and signed once you arrive in your country. 

  • Must have a valid business address, company name and a company website. 

Its very easy unless you have a valid VAT number and a CMR document you pay VAT, if you cant do this you we will not deal with you.